Mike Pence made his first campaign stops in Colorado as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. He visited Denver and Colorado Springs yesterday.

Reacting to Pence’s visit, Maria Handley, the Executive Director of Generation Latino, a Colorado-based organization working to activate young Latinos’ voice in politics, stated:

“When Mike Pence is in Colorado today, we ask him how his efforts to deny citizenship to US born children of undocumented immigrants or how his support of a bill denying healthcare to undocumented immigrants “makes America great.”

America’s greatness has long been measured by the compassion we show others and the Trump/Pence vision for our country will do nothing to move this country forward.”

At his event in Denver, the Vice Presidential candidate largely ignored issues relating to immigration. Instead, Pence spent most of his time on the defense, attacking Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the “failed status quo.” He explained, “What I heard [at the Democratic National Convention] was the same old, same old. More borrowing, more spending, more taxes, more bailouts, more stimuluses, more green jobs.”

Pence also took a stab at the media. “The party in power seems helpless to figure our nominee out,” he paused, “and of course I’m referring to the media.” At the mention of the word media, the crowd erupted in a chorus of boos.