Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is running to radio shows and elsewhere to tell the world that the judge in the Trump hush-money trial is “corrupt.”


On KHOW May 16, Boebert dropped the corruption falsehood, among other misinformation about the trial.

“We went there; we volunteered our time to sit in the courtroom with him where a corrupt judge had put a gag order on President Trump and will not allow him to discuss the details of this trial,” said Boebert on KHOW May 16. “They will not allow media in the courtroom while the trial is going on. Even a lot of the evidence that is being presented to the jurors is not allowed to be seen by the members in the courtroom, who are observing.

“And this entire thing is so corrupt and it’s such a sham. And to see that first hand, I wanted to be able to communicate that to Colorado and to the rest of the American people, that this is lawfare, that this is political persecution. And it is, yet again, election interference.”

She made a similarly baseless accusation about “corrupt judges” again on Dan Caplis’ KHOW radio show Monday.

But unlike other right-wing radio hosts, Caplis is a well-known personal injury attorney who shouldn’t tolerate Boebert saying these things.

Caplis pushed back meekly, almost in a whisper, saying he didn’t think “any of the judges are corrupt” and that he’s said so previously on his show.

“I believe all of these cases are politically motivated. I think the Biden Administration chose friendly venues. I personally don’t believe any of the judges are corrupt,” said Caplis on his radio show. “I think you have judges with different leanings, etc., and the Biden Administration chose venues where they would get that. Obviously, Bragg is highly politically motivated, and that’s a very friendly venue for him.”


Boebert was silent and Caplis moved on quickly.

Why didn’t Caplis — who’s relied on the U.S. court system to build his “serious firm for serious cases” law firm — press Boebert for proof that the judges are corrupt? Caplis understands how serious this is from a congresswoman.

You’d think Caplis would care enough about our judicial system to defend it, when its heart is stabbed senselessly by Boebert.

You’d think he’d get mad.

I left a voicemail for him asking why he didn’t confront Boebert for the sake of the country and his profession, which has served him so well, thank you very much.

He didn’t respond, letting his lameness speak for itself.