Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert joined her disgraced former colleague George Santos in laughing about how they “destroyed” Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s life by urging him to take the position last fall.

Boebert made a guest appearance on Santos’ weekly Twitter call-in show, where she was asked by his co-host if she would consider taking the top job herself should Johnson be forced out. As she was explaining her reasons for not wanting the gig, Santos jumped in to laugh about how he and Boebert “completely ruined [Johnson’s] life,” to which Boebert added, “Bless his heart.”

Lauren Boebert: If I were speaker of the House, I would have to go to the GOP conference meetings. I am not subjecting myself to that every week that we come to Washington, D.C. Absolutely not. 

George Santos: I’ll say this for you, Lauren. Quite frankly, it is the job nobody wants, and it is the job no one actually deserves. We took Mike Johnson, perfectly minding his own business, loving life, teaching on the side, having fun, teaching civics… and destroyed his life! Completely ruined his life!  

Boebert: Bless his heart. 

Santos: I mean, that’s the only way to put it.  

Boebert: Yeah. 

Earlier in their conversation, Santos prefaced their discussion of Johnson by noting that he and Boebert were largely responsible for Johnson becoming Speaker in October of last year. Boebert’s role was confirmed by her spokesperson last November. In a statement to the Colorado Times Recorder, Press Secretary Anthony Fakhoury noted that she “took initiative to help the House elect a new Speaker,” and mentioned that she first suggested him on a Twitter Spaces live event that also featured then-Congressman George Santos. 

Prior to explaining that she has no interest in the speakership, Boebert listed three colleagues she considers her top picks for the role: Jim Jordan, Chip Roy, and Jodey Arrington, though she noted that “the Uni-party” won’t allow Jordan or Roy to ever ascend to the position.

Santos also asked Boebert if she had heard any discussion of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy returning to temporarily replace Johnson for the remainder of the current Congress. Boebert could not confirm the rumor, but said she’s heard McCarthy speaking positively about Johnson’s potential removal.

“I have not heard that rumor, replied Boebert. “But if a vacate happens, I would not be surprised if five to ten members made that suggestion in those meetings when we’re trying to find a candidate. I have not heard that. But also, I haven’t heard him [McCarthy] complaining about this motion to vacate, and I’ve actually heard him speaking highly positive, very positive about it. So, maybe there’s something there.”