Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has been joking about her date night at a performance of Beetlejuice from the get-go — even after she apologized for, as she put it, her “unacceptable” behavior at the theater.

Now she’s on Twitter spaces April 17 yucking it up about Beetlejuice with disgraced former Congressman George Santos, saying she’s waiting for Michael Keaton to invite her to attend Beetlejuice 2, recounting how Santos told a Beetlejuice character at Universal Studies that Boebert loves her, and offering that Politico reporter Olivia Beavers would love the conversation. The film is scheduled to be released in September.

Co-host: I’ll make a request. If you want to see the end of Beetlejuice, I will happily go with you. We will sit, and we will chain smoke in the theater, side by side, holding hands with George Santos. Is it a deal? Is it a date?

George Santos: You know what? I did one better for her, if she’s willing to share, Shmoren, you’re willing to share. But I did her what no one else ever did for her as far as Beetlejuice goes. So Lauren, you know, I got you.

Lauren Boebert: You did. George Santos was at Universal Studios and ran up to the Beetlejuice character like a schoolgirl. Sorry, George, no pun intended. So he runs up to Beetlejuice so giddy, and he’s like, ‘Oh. My gosh, my friend Lauren loves you.’ And he got a video. It was adorable. But yeah. So no, I do want to see the end. But you know, we got Beetlejuice 2 coming out, and I’m still waiting for Michael Keaton to send me an invite to the premiere. 

Co-Host: Was it the real Beetlejuice? The musical?

Lauren Boebert: So, you know, we’ll just have, like, an off-Broadway night, and, you know, we’ll we’ll see the end of Beetlejuice. And, you know, hopefully, I get that invite from Michael Keaton and staff to, you know, go see the premiere of Beetlejuice 2. 

Co-Host: Why make it off-Broadway? Why not make it Boebert on Broadway? Let’s do it. 

Lauren Boebert: Olivia Beavers is loving this tonight. Okay. See y’all.