Lauren Boebert burst into Congress on a wave of publicity from right-wing media outlets, including FOX News and Colorado talk-radio shows.

Now conservative media are turning against her.

Two Trump-backing media figures, Julie Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell, didn’t hide their anger at Boebert on their “Chuck and Julie Show” podcast Dec. 29, after the Colorado Congresswoman decided to run in a different district, switching from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District (CD3) to the 4th (CD4).

Hayden and Bonniwell

“I think everyone should recognize that people in the eastern plain have a certain affinity to female gropers,” joked Bonniwell, who sits on a Colorado Republican Party governing committee, referencing the Boebert’s antics at a Beetlejuice performance in Denver last year. “They’ve always been known to be pro-female gropers and so she fits in well in the 4th Congressional District.”

“What Lauren Boebert is doing all the way around is letting the grassroots people who got her to the dance, she’s letting them down,” said Hayden, saying Boebert “screwed” the grassroots. “… Lauren Boebert should have stayed in CD3 and fought.”

KOA talk show host Ross Kaminsky, who endorsed Boebert in the last congressional election dumped her last month before she switched districts.


“I will say I have in the past supported the person who’s in the job,” said KOA talk-show host Ross Kaminsky Dec. 12. “Now I’m I’m over that. And I also don’t think she can win another election. Plus, I’m over it for other reasons.”

Kaminsky says he still likes Boebert, who he believes is smarter than most people think, but he’s realized she’s unfit to serve in Congress, as he explained in more detail on his show yesterday.

“She did not grow into the job, as far as I can tell,” said Kaminsky on air Jan. 2. “… She didn’t seem to take the job too seriously until she got the sense she could lose.

“And then, it might seem like a small thing, but these shenanigans when she was at the Beetlejuice show at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, where she was vaping in the room, like in the theater in her seat, and groping whoever she’s dating after just recently filing for divorce from her husband who seemed pretty surprised by it. And I am now in a position where I think I agree with lots of others who’ve thought this for a long time, that, besides just not growing into the job, with that kind of stuff, she demonstrates that she’s just not a person for that job.

Kaminsky made it clear he opposes her in her new congressional race.

“She knows she can’t win [in CD3], and I’m saying the reason she can’t win is she demonstrated she shouldn’t win,” said Kaminsky on his show yesterday. “It’s that simple. She demonstrated she shouldn’t win. And if she shouldn’t win the seat that she’s held for several years already, then why the hell should she be given a seat somewhere else? And do you think Lauren Boebert will be a better representative of Highlands Ranch and Douglas County than she was of Grand Junction and Pueblo?”

Cute Girl With Gun Loses Radio Host’s Support

Kaminsky was much kinder to Boebert when she first was running for Congress in 2020.

“I gotta just say, Lauren, I love your enthusiasm. I love your commitment to principle. I love that you’re wearing a Gadsen flag on your lapel. And I’m a big fan of girls with guns. So if anybody is driving out through western Colorado, go to Rifle, and go to Shooters Grill, and say hi to Lauren and tip big,” said right-wing talk radio host Ross Kaminsky to Lauren Boebert during her first appearance on his show in May of 2020.

“One of the great things in a free country, in a country with the 2nd Amendment, is girls with guns, especially cute girls with guns, and I have one in studio with me — I don’t know if your husband is listening, ” said Kaminsky in introducing Boebert on a radio show in 2020, reflecting the kind of impression Boebert made on conservative media figures at the beginning of her run for Congress.

“Movie Star Looks” No Longer Matter to Right-Wing Newspaper?


Boebert had a similar effect on the editorial board of the Colorado Springs Gazette, which endorsed Boebert in 2020.

“In addition to movie star looks, she exudes passion for freedom, capitalism and the United States that makes the socialist, anti-America sentiment of AOC + three look gloomy and sad,” a Gazette editorial stated in 2020.

But like Kaminsky, the Gazette dumped Boebert late last year, endorsing Jeff Hurd instead and writing that voters perceive “Boebert as seeking celebrity status, more than results, which they frown upon.”

It’s not known if the conservative Gazette newspaper will back Boebert in her new congressional race, though it gave Boebert a pat on the back for throwing in the towel on her Congressional District 3 race.

Other Republicans in the CD4 race include talk radio host Deborah Flora, former state lawmaker Ted Harvey, state Representatives Richard Holtorf and Mike Lynch, Justin Schreiber, Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, and businessman Peter Yu.

Boebert gropes her date at a Beetlejuice performance last year.