Former Trump attorney John Eastman, who’s facing charges in Georgia relating to a plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election, is scheduled to appear in federal district court in Colorado Jan. 23 — not as a defendant but as a lawyer representing the Colorado Republican Party, according to Randy Corporon, the co-counsel in the case.

Eastman is part of the state GOP’s legal team that’s filed a lawsuit to overturn a Colorado law (Proposition 108) allowing independent voters to participate in primary elections.


On his KNUS radio show Saturday, Corporon called Eastman “brilliant,” predicting that, because Eastman has “other licenses,” he will be able to participate in the Colorado case even if California strips Eastman of his law license there. The California Bar Association is currently deciding whether to disbar Eastman over charges that he repeatedly violated professional ethics. Eastman is also licensed in Washington, D.C., but should he be disbarred by California, he could very well lose his D.C. license as well, as did Giuliani when he was disbarred by New York.

“John Eastman will be my co-counsel and a driving force, unless California lifts his license,” said Corporon on air. “I know there are some who are gleeful at that prospect. John’s a fighter and his attitude is brilliant. And, you know, even if they do something in California with his license, he’s got other licenses. I think he’ll be able to participate. And if not, he’ll be at my table. There’s no doubt about that, at least if I’ve got anything to say about it.”

Republicans filed a similar lawsuit in 2021, but it was tossed out because the Colorado Republican Party itself was not a party to the suit. Now the state party is a plaintiff and the effort has the full support of Republican state leader Dave Williams. Former state Sen. Kevin Lundberg is chairing a GOP committee that overseeing the legal team.

“We have got ourselves a court date!” announced Corporon on his KNUS radio show. “And we will be fighting for a preliminary injunction to stop the implementation of prop 108 and the semi-open primary as we head into our own primary season and this presidential year.”

At a 2021 governing meeting, Republicans voted nearly unanimously in favor of measures to file a lawsuit challenging Proposition 108 and to raise money to fund it.