On Tuesday, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams announced that he will not challenge Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) in the Republican primary next year. Reams had hinted at declaring a campaign for the Buck’s northern Colorado seat earlier this month, as reported by the Colorado Times Recorder.

Weld Sheriff Steve Reams

Reams still thinks “it’s time for a change” in Colorado’s Congressional District 4 (CD4), which Buck represents, but Reams said on right-wing radio that he’s too dedicated to his family to serve in Congress.

“Ultimately, I’m a family guy,” said Reams on KNUS Oct. 24. “I care about keeping my family intact. I care about being here for my kids and my wife. And Congress is just not something that I can devote myself to fully right now. And as much as I think it’s time for change in CD4, this isn’t the right time for me. So we’ll see what happens.” 

Before signing off he added, “You know, the future is unpredictable,” hinting that running for Congress could still be a possibility for him later.”

Reams’ criticisms of Buck have come in the wake of growing Republican discontent with the lawmaker for his refusal to support the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden (He was one of 8 Republicans who voted to oust Kevin McCarthy out of job as speaker of the House.) and rumors of Buck wanting to join CNN (which Buck has denied).

Although Reams won’t be throwing his hat in the ring this year, he was clear about Buck’s standing with some of his GOP critics. 

“He needs to have his feet held to the fire,” said Reams. “That doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of recovering and doing some good things. But right now, he’s definitely off the beaten path.”