U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) told a right-wing radio host Friday that she respects Trump’s decision not to participate in Wednesday’s GOP presidential primary debate in Milwaukee.

“You know, President Trump is a smart man, and I certainly stand by whatever decision he makes to do this,” Boebert told KHOW’s Dan Caplis. “People know what he has to say. He’s an effective communicator to the American people. He’s always been successful at that. That is why so many people have tried to silence and censor what he has to say, because he does that excellently to get that message out to the American people. … So I respect his decision. He’s a smart man. I think that he weighed this and likely chose wisely.”

Caplis disagreed with Boebert on air, saying. “I just really think he needs to do it.”

“One of the reasons is what you touched on, which is this is a rare opportunity to speak directly to the American people without the biased media filter,” Caplis told Boebert. “And I would love to see him take that because he is clearly going to be the nominee and every chance to connect directly with the American people I want to see.”

During her last election campaign, Boebert’s opponent, Adam Frisch, who’s running against Beobert again next year, criticized the congresswoman for not holding in-person town hall meetings during her first term. The two agreed to only one live debate in the last election.

Trump defends his decision to skip the debates by saying he’s well-known already.

“The public knows who I am & what a successful Presidency I had,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I will therefore not be doing the debates.”