During a July 8 interview with KNUS radio host Peter Boyles, former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo discussed his recovery from a series of back-to-back, life-threatening ailments. 

“September of 21, I [was] diagnosed with colon cancer, went through, had –– operated and took it out and then went through six months of chemotherapy,” Tancredo, a Republican, said on the radio show


The day his chemo ended, Tancredo hit a curb in his car, was thrown into the steering wheel, and split his lip.

He was diagnosed with another serious condition when he went to the hospital.

“I had … bleeding on the brain, a subdural hematoma, it’s called,” he told Boyles. “… I didn’t know most of this was happening. They had to operate twice on that, and so that was a month in ICU and in rehab.”

And after Tancredo returned home from surgery, he contracted COVID-19.

He had prostate surgery after he recovered from COVID-19, he said.

Tancredo became inactive on Facebook on April 14 and resumed activity on July 5, making 16 posts in one day. 

Of the more than 10 posts in one day, two posts poked fun at the Democrats’ response to former President Donald Trump’s second indictment, one post called President Joe Biden racist, and one post described the term woke as an adjective that means “a state of awareness only achieved by those dumb enough to find injustice in everything except their own behavior.”

Tancredo did not respond to multiple calls seeking to know his future political plans and his thoughts on the Colorado Republican Party.

Tancredo worked under former President Ronald Reagan and former President George W. Bush.