U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) continued her pattern of retweeting discredited news outlets, retweeting a link this morning from National File, a site founded by Alex Jones to circumvent Facebook’s 2019 ban of Infowars, which is Jones’ better-known propaganda site.

In 2012, Jones falsely claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre was a government ploy to take guns from Americans and never actually happened. Courts awarded families of children who died in the school shooting a total of about $1.4 billion. Jones has hid his assets and declared bankruptcy in an effort to avoid paying the families.

This morning, Boebert retweeted highly misleading, if not false, information from the National File that the FBI asked for a 66-year delay of the release of laptop of Seth Rich, a Clinton official who was murdered in 2016. Although unsolved, the numerous conspiracies about Rich’s murder being linked to leaked DNC files released on Wikileaks prior to the 2016 election have been repeatedly debunked. Multiple conservative news outlets including Fox News, and Jones’ own Infowars, have apologized, retracted stories, or settled lawsuits after promoting the conspiracy.

“This needs answering,” tweeted Boebert.

In fact, the lawyer of the plaintiff requesting documents from Seth Rich’s laptop claims that the FBI’s proposed production pace would take the agency 66 years to respond to his request for the documents. The FBI did not ask a judge to delay the laptop’s release for 66 years.

On multiple occasions, Boebert has promoted false or misleading content from the Epoch Times, also widely discredited, including the falsehood that several Democrats were on the verge of being arrested.