Adam Frisch, the Democrat who came within 546 votes of making Lauren Boebert a one-term Congresswoman, announced an eye-popping fundraising haul of over half a million dollars… since Tuesday, when he announced his intent to run again next year.

As a blue wave rolled across Colorado last November, its high water mark surprised even the most partisan Democratic cheerleaders: the Third Congressional District, a longtime Republican stronghold and newly claimed home of Colorado’s controversial conservative bomb-thrower.

“The outpouring of support we have received this week is a testament to the fact that people in this district and across the nation are ready for Boebert’s angertainment circus to stop,” said Frisch. “The people of Western and Southern Colorado deserve a leader who will focus on the needs of the district to protect our water, create jobs, and achieve energy independence – not one like Boebert who is only focused on herself. I’m more confident than ever that we will defeat Rep. Boebert in 2024.”

The campaign notes it received donations from all 27 counties in CD3 as well as all 50 states.

Boebert, however, has parlayed her social media fame into prodigious fundraising herself, having raised nearly $7.5 million for her reelection campaign last year. She ended 2022 with about 770k in the bank, approximately double the Frisch campaign’s remaining cash on hand.

Republicans noted Frisch’s viability as well, with Denver Post columnist Krista Kafer using his announcement as the hook for her column’s lede yesterday: “Perhaps now she will rise to the dignity of the office.”

Kafer acknowledged the slim chance of her optimistic opening coming true later in her piece when she wrote, “the Frisch announcement is good news. Moderates within the GOP have time to establish a viable alternative to Boebert in the Republican primary. Potential contenders need to begin raising money and gaining visibility within the district.”

Given the drubbing Boebert gave to her last primary challenger, the well-known state Sen. Don Coram, that possibility seems almost as unlikely as Boebert becoming a paragon of civility.

The Frisch campaign is hosting a meet & greet at Base Camp Beer Works in Grand Junction this afternoon from 4:30 – 6:00 PM.