Three years ago Chuck Bonniwell was fired from his radio gig after joking on-air that the Trump impeachment hearing was so boring, “it makes you wish for a nice school shooting.”

Last Friday, now forced to broadcast from home for his podcast, Bonniwell again tried to find humor in murder. Replying to his wife and co-host Julie Hayden’s mention of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi assassins, Bonniwell said he agreed with the Biden administration’s recent court filing stating the position that Crown Prince MBS has immunity as the head of state.

He then went on to say, “I think dismembering a Washington Post reporter should be allowed.”

This comment took place during an interview with attorney and talk show host Randy Corporon, who also serves as the Colorado Republican National Committeeman, which is the state party’s representative to the Republican National Committee (RNC). Corporon was telling the hosts about his recent trip to Mar-A-Lago to hear former president Donald Trump’s announcement that he intends to run again in 2024.

Hayden: “This happens on the same day that the Biden Administration DOJ says that they’re going to give immunity to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for the Khashoggi death which I thought we cared about, but apparently not.”

Bonniwell: “Well I agree with that move!”

Hayden: “I don’t. So your take on– ” 

Bonniwell: [interrupts] “I think dismembering a Washington Post reporter should be allowed. That’s all I’m saying!”

Hayden: “No! You’re going to get us kicked off Rumble.”

Corporon: “You’ve now been kicked off your podcast Chuck!”

Rumble, the Canadian video platform Bonniwell and Hayden use to stream their show, has considerably looser content regulations than YouTube.