When Heidi Ganahl announced her campaign for Governor last September she touted that she would “be the change.”

However, since she announced, Heidi has touted one thing, but her record is different on four key issues.

Her politics: While she claims to be mainstream, Heidi’s support of right-wing extremists goes back years. In 2020 she donated $2,000 to Lauren Boebert and Heidi refuses to say whether she accepts the results of the 2020 election. Heidi also co-founded a group that praised the Proud Boys calling the neo-fascist group ‘wonderful men.’ Heidi also supported John Eastman, CU’s former “Visiting Professor of Conservative Thought” who helped draft the plan for Trump to overturn the 2020 election while on CU’s payroll.

Jobs and the economy: While she claims to help Colorado’s economy, Heidi co-founded the group that last year sued Major League Baseball to get the All-Star game back to Georgia and sought $100 million compensation for Georgia over Colorado winning the All-Star Game. And, as a CU Regent, Heidi pushed to reduce the University’s budget which would have created layoffs for CU faculty and staff members.

Responsibility in public office: While she claims she is responsible, Heidi mishandled the selection process of CU Mark Kennedy’s presidency by railroading a partisan 5-4 vote to approve Kennedy, despite an outcry from the community. By May 2021, the board voted to dismiss Kennedy which ended in Colorado taxpayers footing a $1.3 million bill. Heidi was then the only CU Regent to defend Kennedy after a report documented his ethical misconduct.

Her transparency: While she claims she is for transparency, just before she launched her campaign for Governor, Heidi deleted her Twitter account, erasing thousands of tweets, including endorsements of right-wing figures. In addition, Heidi has posted on Parler known for white nationalists and is a member on Gab, described as a ‘cesspool of anti-Semitism.’ Heidi also fought the effort by the media to learn of other candidates for CU presidency and then called for an investigation of who shared the names of the finalists.

The main message to Heidi is to stop touting one thing and doing another — for the nickname you are earning, “Heidi the Hypocrite,” may soon become your permanent brand.