Editor’s note: This letter is in response to an article written by Jason Salzman on Dec. 21, 2021, titled “‘Enough Is Enough’: Man Eats ‘Nuisance’ Squirrels From His Denver Yard”

Hi Jason,

Loved your article. It reminded me of my friend’s own squirrel story.

As told to me, a friend was working for his uncle in Fort Collins. They had a newer coworker who happened to be staying in his truck at the property. He asked the group at some point about eating squirrels. Maybe in Missouri, where he was from, but not here in Colorado!

“What does it taste like?” the group asked.

To answer, he walked to the back of his truck, pulled out a .22 caliber rifle, and shot a brown squirrel out of a close oak tree, right inside city limits with no concern. Within minutes he had it skinned and parted out, then put all the parts on an ungreased George Foreman Grill. After a few more minutes, he served squirrel.

“Did you eat it?” I asked.

“This guy just shot, butchered, and cooked a squirrel in front us, no one was going to say no!”

He said one bite was enough for him, as it tasted like “semi-raw, greasy rodent.” However, one crew member said it was great and finished the rest.

I will accept your word that garam masala would probably help. And I would also concur that forest rodent is probably a far sight better than urban rodent. But chicken thighs from Sooper’s will likely not be replaced anytime soon by yard or forest rats. 

Happy New Year!

“Try newt, it tastes just like gecko.”

Brian Simcoe