Colorado’s largest environmental organization will be putting hundreds of thousands of dollars toward ousting state Sen. Laura Woods, who is up for reelection in Jefferson County’s Senate District 19.

Despite her record of voting against the protection of public lands, she recently promoted advertisements on social media claiming to have supported the protection of the open spaces that Coloradans hold dear:


Her claim is simply untrue. Executive Director of Conservation Colorado Pete Maysmith says that, in reality, she has time and time again supported efforts “to turn our lands over to private interests, which could make it easier for them to be split up and sold off to out-of-state oil companies.”

As Conservation Colorado’s annual scorecards from 2015 and 2016 show, she has actually voted against every single measure that would safeguard the state’s public lands and open spaces since she’s been in office. They also reveal her dismal record on voting for environmental issues in general.

Her opponent, former state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, does have a solid environmental voting record.