Editor’s note: This letter was written by Giselle Massi in response to a response to her letter to the editor titled, “Attempting to Explain Vaccine Hesitancy.” The response, written by a CTR reader named Lloyd Guthrie was titled, “Anti-Vaxxers Should Start Their Lectures With a Hard Look in the Mirror.”


I did not write the headline that accompanied my Letter to the Editor, published July 26th, 2021. That was the editorial determination of the Colorado Times Recorder, and I do not take issue with their headline. My actual submission to the editor was titled “Mumms de woid… for some” .

For accuracy, please note that I am not anti-vax as was explained in my piece, nor am I a chronic passive avoider or victim as you so chose to label me in your response to my piece. You do a disservice whenever you make such disparagements.

As was noted in my piece, due to my own health conditions, I am unable to take the current vaccinations. Otherwise, I am fully vaccinated and am looking forward to the Novavax vaccine, when that becomes available.