Editor’s Note: This submission is in response to a letter to the editor published earlier this week at the Colorado Times Recorder titled “Attempting to Explain Vaccine Hesitancy

Giselle M. Massi recently penned a letter to the editor titled “Attempting to Explain Vaccine Hesitancy”

Massi explains very little, preferring to asserts twists and turns with the facts of COVID. Maybe she could have spent more introspection testing the set of illogical statements she labels as “explanation of vaccine hesitancy” to the rest of us.

The social problem with chronic passive avoiders like Massi is simple — talking around an important issue is their way of life, and assuming the role as the victim is now a well-practiced art form that appears to absolve all responsibility to the greater community.

The larger problem is simple as well. There are not enough “givers,” and there are too many “takers.” And it’s not a deep mystery why demonization and polarization is a two-way street. Reasonable people are patient people, but the well of goodwill is not limitless. Anti-vaxxers should start their lectures with a hard, hard look into the mirror.