In an appearance on a conservative talk radio show Monday, Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert suggested that God himself told her to run for Congress and helped lead her to victory in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in 2020.

“I told [God] all the reasons why I’m not qualified to be here, and that didn’t seem to faze him,” Boebert told KNUS host Randy Corporon with a chuckle. “He assured me that he was going to equip me and that it was his grace, his ability, his empowerment, that would lead and guide the way, [that] if I would be obedient to his spirit, to the word of God, that I would be in the right place at the right time and I would be favored with the people that I was placed in front of.”

“It was a sign and a wonder to them that God can do great and mighty things for his people,” Boebert said of her election win.

Boebert frequently mentions her Christian faith, but not nearly as much as she talks about topics like guns and immigration. In fact, one Twitter user’s analysis of the congresswoman’s tweets found that Joe Biden was her most mentioned topic, followed by immigration at number three, all things covid at number four, and then guns. Tweets referencing God and scripture came in at number 10.

There’s also her near-constant attempts at owning the libs, so to speak, that feel decisively inconsistent with Christian teachings around love and kindness.

For example, in the same interview, Corporon praised Boebert for her tweet about a protester at the Western Conservative Summit: “There was this very, extremely obese woman dressed very unattractively, and she was out there shouting down your name,” Corporon said. “And you retweeted and said, ‘I feel sorry for her cats.’ And I just thought that was the best.”

“Yes!” Boebert laughed.

Later in the interview, Boebert urged others to be careful with their words.

“We frame our world with our words. So, I would encourage everyone to watch what they’re saying,” Boebert said. “Speak blessings, don’t speak cursings, and you will see God’s miraculous creative power working through you, through your words, because they are the planted seed, the word of God that you are sowing into the environment around you.”

These comments from Boebert seem to be some of her strongest to date when it comes to her religious beliefs.

Boebert also suggested that the United States and Israel share a divine purpose.

“This nation was created to glorify God. There are two nations who have been created for that reason: Israel and the United States of America,” Boebert said. In fact, the United States was founded on a set of beliefs that includes freedom of and freedom from religion.

She went on to suggest that Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Nancy Pelosi are at odds with “the blessings of God.”

“The blessings of God cannot be reversed! This nation is blessed. His people are blessed. And no one — no BLM, no Antifa, no Nancy Pelosi — can reverse the blessings that God has prepared for his people in the United States of America,” Boebert said.