As a Douglas County resident, Michael Lund’s recent article, “Will an Election Conspiracy Group Affect the Race for Douglas County Sheriff?” left me with a mixed case of cognitive dissonance and heavy indigestion.   

Clearly, all four Sheriff candidates bring notable baggage to the parade. Based on the current slate, we’re looking more like a Chicago city alderman’s race during Prohibition.  

Several facts have been established and, frankly, a handful of ‘Pinocchios’ awarded: [Lora] Thomas – [signed] FEC United pledge; [John] Anderson – [Oltmann photo capture; [Holly]Kluth – heard Oltmann speak at gatherings (really? where/when?); [Darren] Weekly – Oltmann? Who’s that?

To Michael Lund, here’s a bit of reassurance…of course the election conspiracy group will impact the Sheriff’s election!  There hasn’t been a recent political race in DougCo absent the Oltmann swag. The DougCo and State GOPs are neck deep in the grift. 

Now that we’ve cleared that issue, here’s another ponderment.  In addition to wearing an FEC United shoulder patch, will the next DougCo Sheriff be a member of the self-styled “constitutional sheriffs” movement? 

For those not familiar, a constitutional sheriff asserts the English common law power not only to enforce the law but to be the ultimate arbiters of what the law is in their counties. Contending that this authority supersedes that of all other government officials — including state governors and the president — they refuse to enforce a range of public safety laws, from local mask mandates to state and federal gun laws.

[Editor’s note: Former CTR reporter Madeleine Schmidt explored the roots of the “constitutional sheriff” movement in her 2019 story on “gun sanctuary counties.”]

It’s clear Colorado already has its share of these renegades.  Is DougCo about to have its own constitutional sheriff?  Or have we already crossed that bridge?

A post-Jan. 6 photo of current Sheriff Spurlock shows him standing shoulder to shoulder with a man wearing a Three Percenter shirt who appears to be on his staff. And we have another picture taken the same day with candidate Weekly standing next to the same guy wearing the same shirt and a DCSO mask. Maybe Weekly has never heard of the Three Percenters?

Earlier this year, based on his campaign website content, candidate Anderson was questioned about connections with the constitutional sheriff movement. In a truly disingenuous reply (and a simple, “no”), Anderson said, “I have never heard of the constitutional sheriff movement.” Anybody got a Pinocchio?

Until Kluth comes clean about “the investigation”, there’s that dark cloud hovering nearby. And the same cloud covers Thomas the Pledge.

Let’s face it.  When it comes to the DougCo Sheriff’s race, the only spirit we’re missing is Al Capone’s.