To mark the convergence of the trial of Derek Chauvin and 4/20, today’s cannabis celebration, consider buying your marijuana supplies from a Black-owned dispensary.

You don’t have many to choose from in metro Denver, unfortunately.

It’s not news, nor a surprise, that white people are now cashing in on legal weed while Black people paid the price during the insane war on drugs, getting arrested four times as often as white people for pot crimes.

But a handful of serious Denver and state initiatives could begin to change things in the coming years. They should help Black people and other victims of the drug war access loans and get a head start in the industry.

For now, with 87% of Colorado’s cannabis businesses owned by whites, your options for Black-owned dispensaries in the metro area include:

Aroma Dispensary, 5433 Quebec Street in Commerce City.

LOUD Dispensary, 5385 Quebec Street in Commerce City.

Roll Up Dispensary, 4500 Washington Street in Denver.

Simply Pure, at 2000 West 32nd Avenue in Denver.

Here are a few Colorado-based Cannabis-related businesses (not dispensaries), owned or partially owned by African-Americans, that you should also know about:

Tetra Lounge, at 3039 Walnut in Denver, allows members ($20 per day, $50 per month) to socialize and consume cannabis together.

Mezz, Viola, and Leafs by Snoop produce cannabis and related products for sale at dispensaries in Denver and elsewhere.

Gentleman Quinns Blunts produces “high class big ass blunts” for sale at dispensaries.

(Please let me know if I missed any Black-owned cannabis businesses in the Denver Metro area, and I’ll add them to this list.)