The clerk’s pinked hair
Seemed energized by the glowing scanner
Meant to capture a foot’s essential structure
An algorithm would determine 
Which overpriced shoe would fit
No clerk required

His slumping posture,
Adipose tissue pooling at the hips,
Evidently not a runner
He was no match for the
Taut assurance of the machine
He operated his own
Sophisticated replacement 

He didn’t think there was much difference
Between ten-and-a-half and eleven,
And couldn’t tell me what an instep was,
But I liked him much more than the machine 

We are like dogs on spaceships

Only we have steering wheels


Overthinking is bad
So is underthinking
Aim for Goldilocks thinking

‘Think before you act’
     Speaking is an action
           So is writing
                 Even email

When you speak without reflection,
When you spit it out,
You deposit your thought 
In a parking spot in my brain
That I was going to use
That spot 
Was reserved


Kafka dreams of flying,
Winging down a valley 
From a hilltop clearing where
Transmission towers oxidize in the breeze
Aging bunkers crumble and
Tarmac bleaches 
Pelted by photons 

The hilltop is deserted
Yet Kafka, accompanied by a dun sparrow, 
Tips over a parapet
Descends the valley
Fleeing enemies

The drainage broadens
Exposing a plain below
A warmth touches his belly
He extends his wings
In embrace resignation surrender
And rises, borne aloft by
Wise molecules


My memory’s sell-by date
I am the guy who goes to the supermarket
Two blocks away to get bread
And comes back with fifty dollars
Worth of groceries
But no bread
Who rides his bike to the same
Grocery store and walks home with the groceries
Only to search in confusion the next day 
For his bicycle

Decals on the
White Lexus SUV stationed 
In front of The Peninsula Hotel
Stanford Princeton Harvard Brown
License plate says NOT INC
A cloud of privilege
Ima huff ana puff an blo yer house down

Mit mit miss

Life-work balance
Is like speed-quality balance
The difference between
What you want to accomplish
And what you can accomplish
Engineers have no doubt 
Calculated the correct solutions
To these problems 

‘Can you see if there’s 
Four prong canes down there?
Just go down to fourteen 
And on the cane rack.’
Took me a minute…
But I suppose 
I’d start with 
One prong

I’m not interested in sentimental
I find nostalgia depressing
I think cute is an affliction
I guess that makes me insensitive
Or, in certain circles, a sociopath

In the great Pacific gyre 
It’s not the trinklets of junk
Amid the soupy chaos 
That are most interesting 
It’s the chaos

Baubles may dazzle
But bubbles enthrall 
Figured out 
Giffed out
Memed out
Ticced out
Tokked out
Tick tock 
tick Tock
Tristan Tzara’s 
Slide deck

To a paranoid
Occam’s Razor
Is neither

In India your train will be overcrowded
In China your train will be on time
Which cage do you prefer?

For me, cracking under pressure 
Implies an unfamiliar initial state 
Crumbling would be more like it

I would like to release a single mouse
Into the Burj Khalifa
Not so much to
Terrorize the management
And threaten that seventh star
Though that would be fun
But to add perspective

Actually, the perspective I’d prefer
Is the Burj Khalifa filled with mice
According to my calculations
That’s 79,455,449,340 mice
Let’s just call it 80 billion mice
In the Burj Khalifa 

Chocolate Coffee
Potato Leek
Salt Slug
Rain Memory
Home Secret
Stone Soul
Autumn Fear
Scripture Salve
Rubber Release
Word association, playground of the subconscious
Some of us can’t help associating with words
A poet friend said
There’s a poem in everything
This is good for poets and bad for readers 

Jia Tolentino writes that 
She can only think when she writes
So, then, when you read her,
You see her thinking….
Uh oh

Weave your thoughts
Don’t wield them

Often good enough