Epigrams Axioms Excrescences Aphorisms Obfuscations
Lines for the Attentionally Challenged
Neither avowed, disavowed, owned nor disowned by the CTR

Sit. Stay. Beg.


An example of something for which there is no counter example

Sir Mulford Doily-Dumper batted an evanescent eye
Drifted into an enveloping cushion
Faded, faded, flitted
As finch from twig

To fight the fight
Better to be a contrarian
Than a communitarian

Your skin, a caress
Atoms fall to fingertips
I will take you home

Coffee the spring
Whiskey the flight
Water the landing

Which way? Lost or not
Toes to sky no horizon
Winter fog descends

Beard, breadboard, bedstead
Threadbare curtains wavering
Covid days draw on

In a viaduct jammed with tents
A pane of glass
Constitutes luxury

Mote or shard, what’s in your eye is in your eye.

All bakers burn.

According to physicists
All events are reversible
Given the right conditions
I want to buy those conditions
From a vending machine on
The sidewalk
Like iced coffee in Shibuya

A surface is not always a facade.
But usually.

The tic on a stoic face betrays chaos
Acidity is placidity unpeeled

To scour is to search is to wander is to wonder is to roam is to arrive.

What brief is.

Prick, prick needle sew
When blood flows
We begin to grow

Taste is smell
Smell is taste
Deprived of one
Soul goes to hell

Sex in the morning
A waking dream
Sex at night
A lullaby

If you could distill your thoughts
They’d make absinthe

No treats, no love.

Cut harder or cut cleaner
Just get out of the fucking corner

We are all held to the earth with equal force
And therefore in a sense to each other
Just as is each atom, each galaxy
And perhaps, each universe

Dark matter implies forces we haven’t identified
And don’t understand
Thus, conspiracy

Conspiracy is not coincidence.

A point.

A point
a flake
a fountain
a forecast
a spread
a mountain
a broadcast
a drift

Snow falls
Radiation surrounds
We are beset

Friction fusion function
Debate debacle defeat

All that slides stops
But not all that drops falls

Wipe that
Scrape that
Scratch that
Erase that
Live this

Earthworms larvae molds
Bacteria cavort
Our testimony
Our legacy
Our richness

Don’t tweet at me
I can’t hear it
I’m listening to the birds

Top of the food chain
Constitutes success
What if nothing’s below

“Effectively vacuum these animals out of their environment.”
Environmentalist, BBC story on the collapse of the great white shark population in South Africa

In the gangway next to my house
There’s a wall on one side
And a fence on the other
When it snows
You have to shovel the same snow
Over and over again
Throw it forward
Step up Dig in
Throw it again
The pile before you
Grows and grows
It’s just the way you have to do it

Mask up mask down
Foggy Bottom breathlessness
The Potomac runs

Lauren Boebert’s gun
Hangs like a dick on a chick
Lauren Boebert is a bomb shell
Lauren Boebert is aerogel
Lauren Boebert is a loaded idea
Who produced her?

Pump pump. Pump pump. Pump.
Pump pump pump pump pump pump pump.

Gertrude Stein believed
You can’t cancel a thought
Would she think that now?

Marriot K-Tel
Night Train rattle glare
It IS cold down here

Piano falling

To live is to err.