Below are comments in response to the Colorado Times Recorder’s article last weekend titled, “Denver’s Archbishop Says Abortion ‘Isn’t Political’ Then Condemns Biden & Pelosi for Being Pro-Choice.”

The story covered an anti-abortion mass held by Denver’s Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila and the Denver Archdiocese on the 48th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortions federally.

The Archbishop used his platform at the Denver mass to not only condemn abortions and euthanasia, but also to cast aspersions upon President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and other pro-choice Catholic politicians–all while assuring church-goers that abortion “isn’t a political issue.”

Here are some of the responses from CTR’s Facebook page:

“Then he should never have an abortion. Oh, and he should mind his own business, too.”

“Abortion is a medical procedure between a woman and her doctor. If you are not a woman or a doctor, myob.”

“The catholic church needs to clean its own house.”

“Churches are political. Tax the churches! No more tax exemptions.”

“So he is political. Please don’t endanger Catholic Churches tax exemption.”

“The Life of a human being is a spiritual one and not a political one. The fact we have to use politics to try to educate you democrats in the evil of murdering innocent unborn human beings is sad. Everyone should be pro-life at least in soul. For we all know good from evil it’s inherent to all of us. Stop using that mumbo jumbo ‘Climate Change,’ as your democrat war cry to murder innocent human beings before they are born. The future of humanity, creativity, genius, and intelligence is in our numbers. One human brain can only do so much thinking but if you have many Humans working on solutions we as a species can achieve the fantasy of the future of humanity and make it a reality. Our strength is in our increasing numbers, our weakness is being murdered in the womb.”

“I used to go to the Catholic church and then they started telling me how to vote and getting political. I left and never went back. Then I realized I never really believed in god and I was only interested in the community and ritual and not in the faith. This shouldn’t be legal. The churches should not be able to discuss politics. What an asshole.”

“Hell is a construct created to control behavior”

“What did the Catholic Church do to help the children taken away from their parents”

“lol … and babies in cages, children going hungry around the world …lives snuffed out on death-row whatever  … Aquila is making it political now? Wonder why.”

“I will pray for this man.”

“I suppose he wants to bring back the rhythm method and do away with all contraception.”

“I do believe priests and bishops only care about abortion because it limits who they will prey on. This is not a political issue or a religious issue; it’s a medical issue that concerns the individual.”

“Show me the Bible verse that mentions abortion. Then take a good look at that supposed ‘sanctity of life’ that doesn’t apply in-full to our own species or to other species that we share this planet with.”

“Abortion is class, race and gender based genocide. Imagine telling a Jew in America in 1940 ‘Mind your own business! It’s happening in Germany, not here!’ You have no courage in the face of evil.”

“The church that depends on the right to CHOOSE your religion is opposed to others CHOOSING.”

“We have a secular government, not a theocracy. I’ve had enough of the Christian Taliban.”

“The Catholic Church lost its relevance years ago.”