U.S. Rep.-elect Lauren Boebert (R-CO) revealed she would have voted against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was cleared by Congress this month after being vetoed by Trump.

In a Dec. 29 interview with conservative KNUS 710-AM radio host Randy Corporon, Boebrty also admitted she opposes both $600 and $2,000 stimulus checks, in a rare departure from President Trump’s agenda.

Boebert pointed to foreign aid packages included in the bill as the reason for her opposition.

“There is just so much wasteful spending that was put in,” she said on air. “It’s not an accident that the National Defense Reauthorization Act and the Covid relief were voted on at the same time. All of the foreign aid that is in there. It’s an insult to the American people.”

President Trump vetoed the bill over opposition to language that would rename military bases honoring confederate leaders. Trump also rejected Democrats’ refusal to remove protections for big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook, which he claimed were biased against him during his presidency. 

President Trump’s unprecedented veto of the National Defense Authorization Act was ultimately overturned in both the House and Senate with overwhelming majorities, with only seven GOP senators siding with Trump to oppose the defense bill override.

Boebert also revealed she is against a second round of stimulus checks, saying that the $600 and proposed $2,000 payments insult the American people and demonstrate some Republicans have turned to socialism.

“The $600 was an insult, but at the same time, the $2,000 is pretty insulting, too, because now we have Republicans who are in favor of socialism and giving the American people back stolen money and money that the government stole from them in the first place,” Boebert told Corporon.

Trump, however, said the $600 payments did not go far enough, and asked Congress increase the “ridiculously low $600” stimulus payment to $2,000. 

In a series of tweets, Boebert called the $600 payments “shut up money” and said stimulus checks in general are “basically amazon gift cards.”

Boebert added that it was problematic for federal government workers and those whose wages were not affected by the pandemic to receive stimulus checks.

“How many people actually working in federal government didn’t have their wages decreased at all? Their finances were never hindered this year, and they get a two thousand dollar stimulus check as well.” 

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