Even if you’re running for coroner–or especially if you’re running for coroner–Trump is the most important topic of the election.

Yet, some Colorado Republicans running for office this election won’t say if they support Trump, apparently believing that if they do so, they will scare away voters in competitive districts.

Since our first report exposing Republican candidates who won’t say where they stand on Trump, we’ve heard the voice of GOP candidate for CU regent, Richard Murray, in a tape recording to donors, saying he’ll cast his vote for the president. Murray won’t talk to reporters at all about Trump.

Other Republicans running for important seats won’t come clean about Trump.

State Sen. Kevin Priola of Adams County did not return another call today asking for his stance on Trump. State Senate candidate Suzanne Staiert of Arapahoe County won’t talk to the Colorado Times Recorder. Both seats could determine which party controls the Colorado Senate.

State House candidate Don Rosier won’t return our calls about Trump, even though he acknowledged this week to ColoradoPolitics, “There are times, I’ll be quite honest with you, where individuals want to… talk more about national politics, whether it be the president or the Senate race. I try to bring it back and say, ‘OK, let’s talk about the district, let’s talk about local, that’s why I’m out here talking with you,'” he told ColoradoPolitics.

Overall, not a single Republican elected to a state office in Colorado has said they oppose Trump.

Below is an updated list of Republicans in key races—and where they stand on Trump, if their position is known.

Candidates in Key Races Who Won’t Say if They Back Trump

Vanessa Warren-DeMott (House District 25, suburbs west of Denver). DeMott didn’t return a call seeking to know her stance on Trump.

Caroline Cornell (House District 37, Centennial area). Asked by CTR if she supports Trump, Cornell hung up the phone after saying, “I’m—I don’t—I’m afraid I have to get on another call right now. I’ll have to call you back.”   

Lynn Gerber (Senate District 19, Jefferson County). Gerber didn’t return a call seeking to know her stance on Trump.

Vicki Pyne (House District 27, Arvada). Pyne didn’t return a call seeking to know her stance on Trump.

Kevin Priola (Senate District 25, Adams County). Priola did not return calls from the Colorado Times Recorder seeking his position on Trump. He “doesn’t want to talk about Trump,” according to The Denver Post.

Don Rosier (House District 37, Littleton/Evergreen). Rosier didn’t return calls seeking to know his stance on Trump.

Suzanne Staiert (Senate District 27, Arapahoe County). Staiert declined to tell the Colorado Times Recorder if she supports Trump, saying she’s “never been asked” the question by people during current the campaign.

Candidates Who Refuse to Say Publicly if They Support Trump, But Told Donors They Will Vote for the Prez

Richard Murray (University of Colorado Regent, Aurora area). “I don’t want to comment on the president,” Murray has said. Later he was caught on an audio recording telling GOP donors he would vote for the president.

GOP Office Holders in Key Races Backing Trump

U.S. SenCory Gardner. (Gardner once called Trump a “buffoon” and then said in 2016 he’d vote for him (after being asked seven times). Gardner eventually said he wouldn’t cast a ballot for Trump and voted for Pence. Now, he’s endorsed Trump.)

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck. (Buck led the “Never Trump” opposition at the 2016 Republican National Convention, before eventually accepting Trump as the nominee. He’s since become a fervent supporter.)

U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn. Co-chair of Trump’s Colorado re-election campaign.

State Sen. Bob Rankin (Senate District 8, Northwestern Colorado). Rankin was an early Trump supporter, endorsing him at a time when many Colorado Republicans were uncertain about the mogul. He affirmed his support this week.

State Rep. Richard Champion (House District 38, Arapahoe County). Promoted his support of Trump during the campaign.

Republican Legislative or Congressional Candidates Backing Trump

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert (facing Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush)

Congressional candidate Steve House (challenging U.S. Rep. Jason Crow)

Congressional candidate Casper Stockham (challenging U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter)

Robert Blanken (House District 17, Colorado Springs). “As a Republican, I strongly support Donald Trump,” Blanken told the Colorado Times Recorder, adding that the president “has made some errors in the ways he communicates” and Trump may have wanted rephrase or refrain from even discussing certain issues.” “I think he’s done a wonderful job,” he said.

Marilyn Harris (House District 59, southern Colorado). Considered it a “great honor” to vote for Trump.

Bob Roth (Senate District 26, Arapahoe County). Says he supports the president.

Select Former GOP Officials Opposing Trump

Former leader of the Colorado Republican Party Ryan Call.

Former state House GOP Minority Leader Rep. Cole Wist.

Former state Rep. Victor Mitchell. “Donald Trump is a despicable human being,” Mitchell told the Colorado Times Recorder.

Former Elected Officials Backing Trump

Former CO Secretary of State Wayne Williams