Republican Christine Jensen is running for a Jefferson County state senate seat that will likely determine whether Democrats control Colorado government. And she has no public position on President Donald Trump.

The Colorado Times Recorder tried multiple times to find out Jensen’s views on the President, but she repeatedly did not respond.

So, on a sidewalk Saturday after a “Red Wave” get-out-the-vote event in a Jefferson County office building, a journalist tried to put the question to Jensen in person (Listen below.).

Jason Salzman: Hi Christine. I’ve been trying to reach you.

Christine Jensen: Oh. Yeah.

Salzman: I’m Jason Salzman with the Colorado Times Recorder.

Former Denver Post Reporter Lynn Bartels (standing nearby interjecting): Ambush! Ambush reporter.

Jensen: Yes. Got it. Hang on.

Jensen quickly turns and walks back into the building.

Salzman (following Jensen for a few steps): “Where do you stand on Trump? Could you tell me please. Just tell me where you stand on Trump, Christine?”

Bartels, talking to Salzman not Jensen: You’re better than that.

Salzman: What do you mean? I’m identifying myself. I’ve called her five times.

Bartels: She doesn’t have to call you back.

Salzman: I know. But if she’s not, I have the right to stand here.

Bartels: I know, but–

Salzman: You know that’s the way it works.

Bartels: I know. I’m sorry. I apologize.

Salzman: Thank you. I really think that’s fair. It’s a fair question. The issue is, you know, important.

Bartels: It is a fair question.

Jensen comes out of the building escorted by someone separating her from me.

Salzman (running after Jensen): You want to answer a fair question? Where do you stand on Trump, Christine?

Jensen speed walks away without saying anything.

Salzman (to Jensen): Thank you so much. I appreciate your time. I’m sorry to bother you.

It’s not just the Colorado Times Recorder that thinks the public is interested in all candidates’ views on Trump, even candidates in state legislative races.

Just this week, during a conservative radio interview, Republican state house candidate Toren Mushovic said voters ask about Trump “a lot” when he’s going door-to-door in his Arapahoe County-area district.

What’s more, Trump has repeatedly said that Tuesday’s election is about him.

And, The Denver Post and other local media outlets have reported that Trump is motivating suburban Democrats at all levels.

There are volumes of reporting about how suburban women, angry at Trump, could swing the election.

Yet, some, but not all, Republican candidates in Colorado’s top legislative races started their campaigns without saying a word about Trump and are finishing up the final days as silent as they ever were, even as the president ramps up his offensive and often blatantly false rhetoric.

Jensen is one of those candidates. It appears the closest she’s come to taking a stand on Trump in the public domain came this week when the Washington Post quoted her as saying, “I think he has absolutely positively been a man of action. I still wish we could teach him a few PR tricks.”

Other than that, Jensen’s record on Trump is pretty much a blank slate, symbolized by this question left unanswered on her Christine Jensen for Colorado Facebook page:

“Simple question,” a commenter wrote, “Do you support Donald Trump?”

That question sits unanswered.

Listen here to Jensen’s refusal to answer a question about Trump: