A Denver talk radio host, who posted a debunked Facebook meme claiming mask-wearing to be seriously dangerous, quickly updated her blog after she saw multiple sources showing that mask-wearing poses little or no health risk.

In her Monday blog, KOA’s Mandy Connell wrote that she’d been super uncomfortable wearing a mask over the weekend. Then she saw information on Twitter about “Hypercapnia,” a sickness caused by prolonged mask-wearing and carbon dioxide exposure.

But after the Colorado Times Recorder sent Connell multiple articles debunking the meme’s implication that mask-wearing is dangerous (here, here, and here), the conservative talk radio host, who had Colorado’s Democratic Gov. Jared Polis on her show last week, updated her blog with the statement: “THIS IS NOT AN ACCURATE PHOTO. I WOULD REMOVE IT BUT I WANT YOU TO SEE IT SO YOU KNOW IT’S NOT RIGHT. FIND THE OFFICIAL FACT CHECK WITH AN EXPLANATION OF WHY IT’S NOT RIGHT BY CLICKING HERE.

Wearing a mask to fight COVID-19 will almost never cause Hypercapnia.

I told Connell to please get in touch if the Colorado Times Recorder ever gets something partially or fully wrong, and we will of course correct it.

“Will do,” she replied.

Connell’s responsible action stands in contrast to Denver talk-radio host Karen Kataline’s decision not to remove or correct the exact same misinformation about masks from Kataline’s social media platform.

Kataline also compared the requirement to wear masks to Nazis tagging Jews during the Holocaust.