“Up, Up with liberation, down, down with deportation,” chanted hundreds of anti-Trump protesters in front of the Broadmoor World Arena yesterday, a couple hours before the president took the stage for a two-hour speech.

“Who wants Cory Gardner gone? Who wants Donald Trump gone?” Lorena Garcia asked the crowd moments later. “Better yet, who wants Donald Trump gone? [Cheers] Our country has no room for corrupt leaders.”

“We do not tolerate racism, hatred, xenophobia, and corrupt leaders, Donald Trump, Cory Gardner, and Doug Lamborn,” continued Garcia, who’s running in the Democratic primary to take on Gardner, the Republican senator from Colorado. “It is time that we reclaim our country and our values. And we can do that if we get out and vote.”

After Garcia, another Colorado senatorial candidate, Stephany Rose Spaulding, led the crowd in chants.

“We are the resistance, the mighty mighty resistance,” shouted Spaulding into bullhorn as the crowd repeated her words. “Everywhere we go. People want to know. So we tell them. We are the resistance, the mighty mighty resistance. …We will not tolerate hate in the White House.”

“This is what Democracy is all about, and if we keep doing things like this, Trump will be out of the White House on Nov. 3, 2020,” said a speaker who identified himself as Aiden from Students for Bernie at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Demonstrators lined the streets with signs, most of which were directed at Trump. Many urged people to vote.

Some cursed at the Trump administration and urged protesters to enter the streets.