An Aurora radio station will stop airing a syndicated talk show hosted by Joe Walsh, after the former Congressman announced he’ll be taking on Trump in the Republican presidential primary.

Walsh “will be ending his time here with us because of what he’ll be doing,”
said KLZ 560-AM host John Rush, whose “Rush to Reason” show airs prior to Walsh’s “Joe Walsh Live” slot.

Rush later told the Colorado Times Recorder that Walsh hadn’t renewed his contract and would not be permitted to continue with his radio show, even if he’d wanted to, due to FCC rules.

“I have said now for a while that I think Joe is in it for himself,” said Rush on air Friday. “I think he’s a putz. He’s anti-Trump. I don’t like the guy one bit. And I think all he is doing right now is trying to make a bigger name for himself.”

“I’m not a fan,” said Rush.

Walsh is a former Illinois Congressman who entered office as part of the 2010 Tea Party wave.

“We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit, to be president and it stuns me that nobody stepped up,” Mr. Walsh told ABC News.

The Trump campaign’s response to Walsh: “Whatever,” Tim Murtaugh, a campaign spokesman, texted the New York Times.

“It’s interesting,” commented Colorado Republican Party CEO Steve House on Rush’s show. “You have Weld in this. You have Kasich looking at New Hampshire. You have Walsh who’s obviously going to do this. And I actually happened to listen to him the other night on the station. And he was really beating up the president to a lot of people. A lot of it was semantics about how he says things, etc. And he really didn’t get into how he would do things differently.”

“If you’re reading this, I’m betting it’s because, like me, you’re a brave American and you love this country,” states Walsh on his website.

“I’m betting you’re tired of having an unfit con man for a president. A president who sides with foreign dictators over our intelligence community. A president who spews hate virtually every time he opens his mouth. A president who is teaching millions of American children it’s okay to lie and it’s okay to bully.”

As of Monday morning, KLZ’s website still listed Walsh’s show in its daily lineup.

Walsh’s slogan is, “Be brave.”