Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner thinks it was self-serving of Congresswomen to stand up and cheer during Trump’s State-of-the-Union speech Tuesday after the President said, “No one has benefited more from a thriving economy than women who have filled 58 percent of the newly created jobs last year.”

Asked by KDMT radio host Jimmy Sengenberger about the Democrats, led by white-garbed women, who were standing up and cheering, Gardner snarled that the lawmakers didn’t cheer for Hispanics or African Americans, but “they did cheer for themselves.”

GARDNER:  You know, when it comes to the cheer leading in the middle of the State of the Union, look, they didn’t applaud unemployment levels in African American populations. They didn’t applaud unemployment levels when it comes to [the] Hispanic population in the United States. They didn’t applaud the fact that we’re going to fight against socialism. But they did applaud themselves. And I think that’s pretty telling of what we saw at the State of the Union.

“That is a very strong point, I think,” responded Sengenberger.

Gardner’s office did not return a call seeking to know if he thinks Democratic women care more about themselves than they care about Hispanics and African Americans, and, if so, why?

And does Gardner think Republican lawmakers like him are less generally self-centered and more caring people than Democrats?

Gardner’s did not answer those questions left on his office voicemail.

Gardner criticized the cheering, but Trump was more gracious at the time, saying when the applause subsided, “That’s great. Really great. And congratulations. That’s great.”

Watch the Congresswomen and others cheer here:

Listen to Gardner on KDMT here: