Photos courtesy of ProgressNow Studios

On the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Girls Rock Denver and Keep Abortion Safe partnered local bands of different musical genres to host a benefit concert called Rockin’ for Roe at the Larimer Lounge. Proceeds benefited the CO Women’s Freedom Fund, a fund to subsidize the cost of abortion procedures in Colorado, and Keep Abortion Safe, a project which uses digital storytelling to destigmatize abortion.

“We support every woman’s right to adequate and safe healthcare, which includes having access to abortion services in a safe, medical setting.” – ORYX

“As an all-femme band, we believe in and personally know the importance of reproductive rights for people with uteri everywhere.” – Rotten Reputation

“’s important for us to contribute to this particular benefit because all women must have the right to access safe abortions — not just those who can afford it. – Church Fire