Denver’s Archbishop announced his opposition yesterday to a proposed sex education bill under consideration in the Colorado Legislature.

“We know that God made us male and female, in his image and likeness, but the comprehensive curriculum route which most schools will likely adopt teaches innocent children this is not true,” said Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila in a letter posted on the Denver Archdiocese website.

Under abstinence-only education curriculum, students learn little information on safe-sex practices or preventative measures for unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

“We’re [Colorado] the only state in the country that doesn’t have a health graduation requirement,” said Jack Teter Political Director of Planned Parenthood Colorado, “and we don’t require sex ed here.”

The announcement comes days after Aquila called on Catholics to set up groups in their churches aimed at converting LGBTQ people into heterosexauls. This so-called “conversion therapy” has been widely discredited.

The proposed sex-ed bill provides a clear set of content requirements for teaching sex-ed in public schools. The intent is to provide a “comprehensive” strategy for students, with any gender identity, who are (or will become) sexually active.

Also, the bill aims to “prohibit” teaching religious ideologies, using of discriminatory language, and excluding LGBTQ experiences, and gender norms.

In his letter, Aquila said, “Catholic schools will stand firmly against” this bill, classifying it as an ideology that will “defy natural law and contradict the truth.”

“The surrounding culture has become increasingly challenging for Christians,” said Aquila, adding that the curriculum proposed under the bill requires teachings that are “inconsistent with Christian values.”

“For better or worse, the Denver Archdiocese doesn’t get to determine what we teach in public schools,” said Teter in response to these comments.

Colorado Times Recorder reached out to the Republican sponsor of the bill, State Sen. Don Coram of Montrose. He did not respond for comment on the potential impacts of the Archbishop’s opposition.

The House Health and Insurance Committee Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education Bill will hold a hearing on the bill at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow.