In a recent Colorado Public Radio interview, host Ryan Warner told Gov. John Hickenlooper that Jeff Hays, Colorado’s Republican Party leader, likened Democrats to pigs who will over-indulge (pass unpopular legislation) and then become fat hogs who will get slaughtered (thrown out of office by voters).

Warner quoted Hays as saying: “There’s a phrase: ‘Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.'”

Hick’s response, “Wait, is he portraying himself as a pig or as a hog?”

It’s the perfect counterpoint to Hays’ accusation of overreach, because it trains the spotlight on the fact that it’s the Republicans who’ve been overreaching by obstructing government and fattening up their donors in the process with tax policies and Grinch-like programs that favor the rich.

The progressive agenda, supported by voters, is exemplified by efforts to pass reasonable gun safety legislation like a red flag bill, shoring up K-12 education funding, expanding health insurance coverage to all, addressing student debt while reducing higher education costs to consumers, fixing roads and bridges–all of which are issues that Ryan Warner touched on in his interview.

Republicans at the state and federal level have mostly blocked efforts to fund these things, first and foremost.

And then they’ve repeatedly killed proposed laws that address the problems with moderate fixes.

So, Hickenlooper, who usually holds back on the blazing attack lines, did the right thing by calling Hays a pig or a hog or both.

It’s the Republicans who’ve been fattening themselves up by overreaching on their anti-government agenda.

And that’s a point that hasn’t been made enough.

Voters figured it out, and the hogs paid the price with an election-night slaughter.

Warner: Let’s go back to that time when Democrats were in control before and were accused of overreach. Passage of new gun restrictions led to the recall of two Democratic lawmakers. On election night as the results were coming in, we spoke with State GOP Chairman Jeff Hays who had a colorful warning for Democrats.

Jeff Hays (Audio): There’s a phrase: “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.”

Warner: His version of overreach –

Hickenlooper: Wait, is he portraying himself as a pig or as a hog?

Warner: I think he’s perhaps portraying himself as the slaughterer but in any case-

Hickenlooper: Just checking.

Listen to Hickenlooper on Colorado Matters on CPR Nov. 15.