Colorado progressives had been lamenting a divisive labor dispute between Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), with both sides saying that now was not the right time to be fighting each other.

But last month both sides agreed to a settlement, under which PPRM will drop its efforts to block the formation of a union at 14 of its 24 clinics in Colorado. Workers at PPRM’s remaining 10 clinics in Colorado and New Mexico will be encouraged to join the union.

“We are in this fight together,” PPRM and SEIU Local 105 said in a joint statement. “In this current politically hostile climate, this partnership has never been more important.”

Here is the text of the entire statement from PPRM and SEIU Local 105:

We have reached an agreement to resolve the labor dispute and forge a new partnership.  PPRM will file a motion to withdraw the Request for a Review with the NLRB; recognizing the bargaining unit of the 14 health centers.  In partnership, we will actively invite all the PPRM employees of the other 10 health centers to join, with a potential for an inclusive unit for all health care employees.

We are excited to announce these additional aspects of our agreement:

  • We agreed to a creative bargaining process that reduces the potential for conflict and includes an alternative resolution process that respects everyone’s rights.
  • We will work together to secure funding allowing PPRM to continue serving patients throughout our region while recruiting, retaining, and engaging the highest quality workforce.
  • Together, PPRM and SEIU Local 105 will work in partnership, based on mutual respect and a commitment to our shared agenda.

We value and appreciate the historic role that organized Labor has played in the struggle for workers’ rights and conditions. We have a common interest in ensuring that all people have access to affordable health care as a human right. We are in this fight together. In this current politically hostile climate, this partnership has never been more important.