On social media and elsewhere, progressive activists joined readers of the Colorado Times Recorder in denouncing U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s (R-CO) statement last week that he fears the “loony left” could carry the Democrats to victory in November.

Here are a few of the responses:

“Classy Cory name calling the side he asked to be civil.”

“Loony lefty here voting for ‘generic Dem opponent.'”

“Says the guy from the party with an unstable sociopath for a leader.”

“If loony means looking out for the most vulnerable in our society (healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc), sign me UP!”

“Yes, Cory, alienate us all some more. Drive those divisions deeper.

“If Gardner is afraid of ‘radical’ middle class families like mine using our vote as a check on the current administration, something he refuses to do himself, then maybe he should stick to guest radio spots and let us handle the checks and balances,” wrote Katie Farnan, Boulder resident and community organizer, in an email to the Colorado Times Recorder.

“I don’t know the ‘looney left’ that Gardner is referring to, all I know is that my health insurance payments jumped in 2018 as a result of GOP sabotage, and that two months ago at a fundraiser that Gardner attended, a Walker Stapleton supporter made a ‘Sieg Heil’ salute to me as he drove away with a Stapleton yard sign,” Farnan added.

Progressive pundit Laura Chapin pointed to Gardner’s statement as a reason why Republicans like Gardner are “in trouble.”

“Insulting Colorado voters and ignoring their concerns is why Cory Gardner and the Republicans are in trouble,” said Chapin in an email to the Colorado Times Recorder. “There wasn’t a single Colorado grassroots consumer, health, or medical organization that supported overturning the Affordable Care Act and taking Coloradans’ health care away, but Cory Gardner voted to blow them off and do it anyway.  Literally the same week disabled Coloradans were sitting in Cory Gardner’s office demanding he protect their health care Gardner was at a high-roller fundraiser with Trump. Gardner needs to get out of his donor Bro Bubble and remember who he works for – the people of Colorado, not the Koch Brothers.”