“She’s overweight, unpleasant, vicious, amoral human being.”

That’s how KNUS radio host Chuck Bonniwell described Democratic State Rep. Faith Winter, who’s running for a state senate seat.


I asked Bonniwell, who’s also the editor of the Cherry Creek/Glendale Chronicle, if he’d have characterized Winter as being overweight if she were male.

No response. I told him via another email that any comment from him would be welcome. Still no response.

But Winter is used to attacks from men, literally.

She filed sexual harassment charges against fellow Democratic State Rep. Steve Lebsock, who was eventually removed from the Colorado Legislature in an overwhelming bipartisan vote.

Winter was hailed by women’s groups for her stand against Lebsock.

Faith Winter

For his part, Lebsock denies most of the accusations, including unwanted grabbing and advances, even though Winter’s allegations were confirmed by an independent investigation.

Conservative radio hosts like Bonniwell, who was a keynote speaker at an Adams County Republican fundraiser last year, are closely watching Winter’s state senate race in Adams County because the outcome could determine which party controls the state senate.

The race pits Winter against State Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik, a Republican who currently represents the Adams County district.

Republicans hold a one-seat majority in the state senate, and Humenik’s seat is widely seen as among a handful that will determine whether Colorado Republicans are able to hold their majority in the chamber.

If the GOP loses control of the senate, and Democrats retain the governor’s office, state government will be controlled by Democrats.

On the radio, Bonniwell gave credit to Winter for being a hard worker and diligent campaigner.

When Faith canvassed his door, Bonniwell says he greeted her as follows: “Oh! Great to see you, Faith! Who are you screwing today? What human being are you filing against as part of your corrupt policy?”

Bonniwell then mocked how he thought she’d respond by talking about sports: “And she’ll kinda go, oh thank you thank you, what do you think about [the Broncos]. I like our new quarterback a lot!”

Because women talking about sports is hilarious and certainly couldn’t be genuine.

Chuck concluded his assessment of Winter by saying, “She’s a terrible human being.”