SATURDAY UPDATE: Alamosa Republicans issue an apology on Facebook that reads like The Onion:

It’s unclear who the first-person possessive in this apology is referring to, though it’s suggested in the comments to the original post that Alamosa City Councilor David Broyles is the author. An email to the county party sent late Friday afternoon was not returned as of Saturday morning.

But perhaps it’s better to think of this as, you know, every Alamosa Republican saying sorry.

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The Alamosa County Republican Party posted on its Facebook page today, publicly stating that “Republicans hate poor people.”

“Out of self-respect–be Republican. Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people will vote Democrat. Republicans hate poor people because they think the dignity of man is above being poor.

In the fourteen hours since the statement posted, it has been “liked” by two people, but generated opposition from several other commenters, including one who asked for the statement to be taken down.

The four officers of the county party are Sandra Wagner, Chairman; David Broyles, Vice Chairman; Valerie Broyles, Secretary; and Patrick Shima, Treasurer.

Republicans in Alamosa County include US Congressman Scott Tipton, who represents the Third District in part from his office in Alamosa, and State Senator Larry Crowder of SD35, who lives in Alamosa County.

This post will be updated with comments from officers and elected officials as received.