On January 14, the Anschutz-owned Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board told Colorado Republicans to “clear the field for gubernatorial hopeful Walker Stapleton.

Fellow candidate Tom Tancredo, the primary target of the newspaper’s “step aside” directive, took to the airwaves two days later to reply directly. Meanwhile on Facebook, numerous other Colorado Republican officials and leaders responded to the Gazette’s opinion. On the whole, their reactions can be characterized as less than enthusiastic. Here they are in their own words. 


Joe Webb, Chair, Jefferson County GOP, January 15 at 3:14 pm

“The Republican Party is ultimately one great big coalition. All members of the coalition need to be respected, they need to feel like their voices are heard. If they feel their voices are being ignored then they will get angry and walk. They can handle losing but to tell candidates of one part of the coalition to just go away is VERY counterproductive. It is playing with fire and the status of permanent minority. The field should NOT be cleared for anyone, Stapleton, Tancredo, Mitchell, Coffman, Barlock, Robinson, Gaiter, Rundberg, Lopez and now Ann Kear should compete. Whoever wins the primary will be head and shoulders above the Democrat.”


Diane Wolta, Denver GOP State Central Committee member, January 16

“Many already have walked because voices not heard… Jeff Hays. What to do about it?”


Randy Corporon, conservative talk show host, attorney for State Rep. Lori Saine, founder Arapahoe County Tea Party, January 16 at 1:47 pm

“(2014 “Tancredo Problem” op-ed from the CS Gazette attached. You remember. It’s the year they tried to sell us on Bob Beauprez. In the comments, I will post this week’s op-ed where they rehash all of it, this time for Walker Stapleton. The main thing that has changed is demographics. But, I don’t see how that favors Walker.)  EDITORIAL: Republican Party needs to solve its Tancredo problem “

[Comment replying to a Tancredo skeptic]

“…Right now you aren’t making any more sense than the Gazette did yesterday and you sound no more accurate than the Gazette turned out to be in 2014.”


Scott Gessler, former Secretary of State, 2014 GOP primary candidate for Governor, January 17

“Ahhh . . . such warm memories from that editorial, asking me (and Mike Kopp) to sacrifice our candidacies for the good of the brave, new, Gazette-inspired order. That paper didn’t exactly cover itself in glory that election year. But then again, it had plenty of company . . .”


Cassandra Sebastian, Executive Director El Paso County GOP, January 16

“I agree with you Joe Webb as long as the day after the primary EVERYONE is boots to the ground for whoever wins.”


Steve Dorman, Vice Chair Jefferson County GOP, January 16

It’s just the opinion of one paper. {yawn}… I just remember them taking shots at a VERY conservative State Senator Tim Neville. Neville has a very high ranking with both CUT and POL…..so, the Gazette doesn’t carry much influence with me.”


Anil Mathai, Chair, Adams County GOP, January 17

“No one talks about vetting Republican candidates to our constitution and conservative Republican platform. Why not? What good is an “R behind a name” when that person behaves as a democrat? Why won’t principles and vetting occur in writing? I try in Adams but 63 other counties could give a damn. Is it Party above principles and personalities? Or is it principles above Party and personalities? What do Republican actions confirm??!”


Shawna Loban, District 3 Captain Douglas County GOP, January 15

“If he can win, why is he avoiding caucus? Does he not feel confident his own party will nominate him? …Petitions are a way for the wealthy to get on the ballot without the support of their party. Period. Caucus is the voice of the grassroots of the GOP.”


Lana Fore, former Secretary Colorado GOP, January 15

“He’s scaaaaaaarrrrdddddd!”


Jimi “Jimi Mack” McFarland, President North JeffCo Tea Party, former Secretary, JeffCo GOP, January 17

“I have a long established personal policy of not making even the slightest political move or decision without first consulting the CO Springs Gazette.”


Kim Herzfeldt, Colorado Sportsmen for Trump, former Tancredo congressional staffer, former bonus member Arapahoe County GOP, January 16

“Not…  We need another great moderate, leftist big government guy….like BEAUPREZ OR JEB BUSH OR …. pick one….. Olla open borders…”


Joshua Sharf, Independence Institute, former Republican candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives, January 16

If any candidate is that good, they can clear the field themselves.