Laurel Imer, the 2016 chair of the Trump campaign in Jefferson County, agrees with former Congressman Tom Tancredo that U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) should face a primary challenger.

“I’d love to see him replaced, no problem whatsoever,” Imer told me. “I’d love to see someone step in and take it all from him. It would make my heart happy.”

I questioned Imer about Coffman after reading her comment about Coffman beneath my recent post reporting Tancredo’s response to Coffman’s view that Tancredo may run for governor because Tancredo is “bored” and angry.

On Facebook, Imer wrote, “Coffman is an ass!”, and she didn’t back away from the comment this morning.

“Mike Coffman does not support the Colorado Republican Party,” Imer told me. “He does not support the President of the United States, and he is purposefully divisive against everything we stand for, and therefore my comment stands that he is an ass.”

“We’ve had personal confrontations with him, and it’s disgraceful,” she said.

Tancredo threw his support behind removing Coffman from office via a primary challenge during a KNUS 710-AM interview earlier this month, stating on air, “I would encourage people–I have encouraged people, to run against him in a primary, and if he lost, that would be okay with me because I would say, a conservative loses nothing if Mike Coffman loses his seat.”