U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) wants a special prosecutor not only to dig into Russian interference in the last election but also to investigate the Obama Administration.

In an appearance on a Denver radio station this morning, Coffman pointed out that an investigation by a special prosecutor could “go in any direction” as long as there is “probable cause,” and Coffman said there’s probable cause to investigate the “unmasking of private citizens by the prior administration.”

“And so, I think, let it look at that,” Coffman told 850-AM’s Steffan Tubbs May 15.

Coffman said it was an “advantage” that a special prosecutor could look into different matters.

“And I really do think that the advantage of a special prosecutor –. One of the criticisms is that [the special prosecutor] could go in any direction,” Coffman told Tubbs. “But there has to be probable cause that a crime was violated. And clearly, where there has been probable cause is the unmasking of private citizens by the prior administration. And so, I think, let it look at that. Let it look at potential collusion, but I do think it needs to go in that direction.” [Listen below at 1 min 15 sec.]

Coffman, whose office did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment, may have been referring to the widely-publicized accusations by Republicans that former national security adviser Susan Rice illegally sought the names of Trump campaign officials who were identified in the FBI’s investigation of Russian meddling. Revealing their identities is referred to as “unmasking.”

But no proof of wrongdoing by Rice or other Obama Administration officials has been produced, according to both unnamed Democratic and Republican lawmakers and aides cited by CNN and NBC last month.

So it’s not clear why Coffman’s stated that “there has been probable cause” to investigate Rice.

Both Trump and House Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunez claimed Rice acted illegally. Trump called it a “massive story,” but no documents have been released to substantiate these claims.

This not the first time that Coffman has suggested that a government investigation head in a different direction than expected. In the wake of the resignation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn in February, Coffman said Flynn and his Russian ties should be “looked into,” but he also suggested an investigation into FBI leaks regarding Flynn.

Listen to Coffman on KOA 850-AM May 15: