GOP U. S. House Candidate Casper Stockham is so ironic he’s not ironic at all. I first ran across him in the #FeverSwamps™ soon after he began running in the Republican primary to face popular incumbent Diana Degette in one of the most liberal districts in Colorado. He posted some anti-transgender memes and statements on Facebook, and I called him out as the bigot that he is.

He shot back that any criticism of him was categorically racist and made it clear that this was intended to be mockery of political correctness and what he claims is a Democratic habit of claiming any criticism of their candidates is racist. Here are a few examples:


Clearly, he was trying to mock what he considers political correctness, but then—as you’ll see—he went on to post sixteen separate tweets calling me “racist” with no indication of irony or sarcasm whatsoever (and also no evidence). Each time was a reaction to my screen-capping something he posted on Facebook and fact-checking or criticizing it.

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The thing about being ironic is this: If you’re ironic all the time then you’re not actually ironic at all.  Casper has gone from attempted irony to becoming that which he claims not to be. Now that’s ironic, dontcha think?