The campaign, called “This is Why We Vote,” calls on the Millennial Generation to make their voices heard by showing up to the polls this November. The video points out that millennials will make up one in three eligible voters in the coming election.

New Era Colorado focuses on educating young people and encouraging them to be active citizens. This largely includes registering and turning out young voters.

Rather than focusing on candidates, the video hones in on the issues that will affect Colorado’s youth for many years to come. New Era Colorado Executive Director Lizzy Stephan says “this election shouldn’t be about a candidate’s recent gaffe; it should be about our future.”

The video stars Denver’s first Youth Poet Laureate and prominent spoken word artist Toluwanimi Obiwole, who echoes Stephan’s sentiment. She says she votes “not to elect a candidate, but to make a difference on the issues that impact our community,” adding that young people should demand action on matters like climate change and racial justice.

The Colorado-centric video gives special attention to the state’s natural landscape, showing striking mountain views and, more harrowingly, footage of last summer’s contamination of the Animas River.

The campaign is the result of a collaborative effort between New Era Colorado and Balcony Nine Media. To learn more about the campaign, visit the website here.