If you’re wondering how hard it must be for some Republicans to be Republicans, I offer you this excerpt from a March letter from Adams County Republicans to their congressional representatives.

Authored by Adams GOP chair Anil Mathai, the letter thanks Buck, Tipton and Lamborn, while attacking Sen. Cory Gardner and Rep. Mike Coffman for their votes in favor of funding the government via the ominubus spending bill:

Also, the ACRC is deeply disappointed with Senator Gardner and Congressman Coffman in voting for this unconstitutional, growing big government, rejecting our Republican platform bill. Your website has not posted an explanation as to why you abandoned the two most important values we hold dearest: the Constitution of the United States and our conservative Republican platform.

I am charged with the responsibility of growing the membership of our party in a county that has been controlled by Democrats for more than a half a century. So I ask, how is it that I can tell our Republican voters and, secondly, independent voters ‘You can trust our Republican elected officials to represent you.’ Many members of the executive committee, donors, and fellow Republicans are highly concerned your actions and demand that you immediately vote in line with our US constitution and our conservative, limited government, personal responsibility driven Republican platform.

Read the letter here.

Mathai, who is a RNC delegate, seethed at “cowardly, traitors known as Republicans” in October as well, so you wonder how long he’ll put up with it before doing something. But what would that be?

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