Candidate for State Representative and Aurora Public Schools Board Member Eric Nelson is being called on to withdraw from the race for House District 42 after various allegations have surfaced about his record. Nelson is accused of fabricating a diploma from Northwest Nazarene University, making up his military honors, and possessing a robust criminal record.

Photo: Colorado Statesman

After several errors were found on Nelson’s Diploma by Denver7, including a misspelling of the word “Northwest” on the university seal, Fox 31 Denver confirmed that Eric Nelson had never been a student at Northwest Nazarene University. The Aurora Public School Board of Education plans to investigate this matter and “take appropriate action.”

One newspaper investigation concluded that Nelson falsified his military honors. The Colorado Satesman discovered several photos in which Nelson was posing in a military captain’s uniform, “despite having been an active duty member of the service for just eight weeks, according to Department of Defense documents.”

In addition to Nelson’s alleged falsified resume, the Aurora Sentinel reported that Nelson faces several criminal charges, including a domestic violence charge and a felony warrant. Allegations of Nelson’s criminal record surfaced after Denver7 reported that Nelson was denied a bail bondsman license due to his criminal history.

Nelson vehemently denies these allegations. In a statement posted on his campaign website, he responded, “The Media’s characterization of me as a man is inappropriate and inconsistent with the facts.” He went on to deny falsifying his educational and military credentials and ended by asking his supporters for a second chance.

Democrats are urging Nelson to drop out of the race. State Rep. Alec Garnett, who heads the House Majority Project, has called for Nelson to withdraw.  Garnett told Fox31 that he cannot recall a time in which Democrats have asked a fellow Democrat to drop out of a race. The House Majority Project works to elect Democrats to the Colorado House of Representatives.

Rhonda Fields, who currently occupies House District 42 seat is also calling on Nelson to pull out of the race. In her statement she explained, “This pattern of behavior is deeply disturbing to me, it’s unacceptable in a leader… It goes against everything Democrats stand for, and I believe the people of Aurora and the state of Colorado deserve better.”