The long-running conservative talk show, “Wake Up with Randy Corporon,” hosted by the eponymous attorney and Colorado Republican National Committeeman, aired its last episode on 710 KNUS on June 29.

“This decision was made about a week and a half ago, I guess,” said Corporon on-air. “The way it works when you’re an independent contractor doing a talk show is that both sides agree to give each other 30-days notice. I got my 30-day notice a week ago last Thursday.”

Corporon rose to local notoriety as the founder of the Arapahoe County Tea Party, part of the national conservative movement against Democratic President Barack Obama. As an attorney, Corporon represented conservative interests in a variety of court cases, including white nationalist group VDARE’s lawsuit against Colorado Springs. He also represented the Colorado GOP’s lawsuit to end open primaries in Colorado, sharing counsel duties with insurrectionist lawyer John Eastman, until the former Trump attorney lost his law license.

Corporon speaking at this year’s Colorado GOP Assembly.

In recent years Corporon has run into legal issues of his own, being named in a defamation lawsuit alongside 710 KNUS and Salem Media by Dominion Voting Systems executive Eric Coomer. Coomer was named by Douglas County podcast host and gun store owner Joe Oltmann as participating in an “antifa conference call” and claiming to have interfered with the 2020 election. Following Oltmann’s claims on his own podcast, Conservative Daily, Oltmann made media appearances on right-wing podcasts hosts by figures like Eric Metaxas and Michelle Malkin.

According to Coomer’s suit against Corporon, “Corporon and the other hosts (at KNUS) were among the first to adopt, bolster, amplify, and widely disseminate Oltmann’s false claims, causing an avalanche of lies and misinformation that spread to dozens of other right-wing media outlets and content providers.”

The Denver District Judge overseeing Oltmann’s defamation suit wrote that his claims were “evasive and not credible,” and concluded that Oltmann’s “statements regarding that conference call are probably false.” 

Last month, former Trump attorney Sidney Powell reached a settlement with Coomer. Powell, along with her law firm Sidney Powell P.C. and her “election integrity” legal advocacy nonprofit Defending the Republic, bring the number of defendants who have settled with Coomer so far in this case to six.

Last year, Fox News reached a $787 million settlement in a defamation brought against it by Dominion. In 2021, Fox fired longtime host Lou Dobbs after Dobbs and Fox were named in a $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic, a voting technology company.

Corporon is also facing another lawsuit from the ex-wife of a client. According to the complaint, Corporon wired a divorce settlement of $374,289.86 — 82% of the plaintiff’s life savings — to a hacker in Hong Kong.

KNUS and Corporon did not respond to request for comment.