On a right-wing station KHOW June 18, host Ryan Schuiling asked Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) to respond to a misquote from Rebecca Traister’s New York Magazine article, “How Did Republican Women Get Like This?”


Schuiling read the following statement to Boebert and asked for her response: “You’re only in the position you are because of the hard work of feminists from the left who came before you and opened doors for you, and that by opposing a woman’s fundamental right to reproductive freedom and a right to an abortion, that you are fighting against women’s rights.”

“How do you respond to that?” Schuiling asked Boebert.

Boebert: This sounds like a parody. How sad. First of all, where are the feminists today? Where are they? We have men competing against women in sports. We have men getting in [garbled] with women and crushing their skulls. We have men in girls’ locker rooms, in girls’ bathrooms. We have men saying that they are more important than a woman because their heels are higher and their lipstick is a brighter shade of pink. Where are the feminists today, Ryan? Where are they to shut down the trans movement that is set to erase women entirely? Liberals who promote this trans movement are saying, ‘Hey, ladies, sit down. This is a man’s world. They can do everything better than you. They can win more trophies in sports. They’re stronger than you, and they can outperform you in any job. Let’s just put a skirt on them, and I’ll show you.’ So where are those feminists that they are referencing? I haven’t heard from any of them.”

…Being a woman is not defined by the ability to kill your child. The greatest power that I have is the power to procreate, the power to give life, and to reduce a woman to her ability to kill her child is absolutely disgusting. And, you know, I believe that abortion is absolutely evil.

And it is designed specifically to even crush the father’s part who has no say in this. I’m a boy, mom. This is something that I’ve worried about ever since I started giving birth to boys, wondering one day, will they not have a choice in their child’s destiny? And I believe that this abortion movement is set forth to crush the father’s heart and cause chaos.

And how ironic is it, Ryan, that Jesus, when he had his last supper, he said, take, eat. This is my body. Take of the bread and eat. This is my body. Jesus laid his life down to free others. And we have extreme leftists who are saying, your life only has value if you can eliminate someone else’s. And they’re saying, ‘This is my body.’ They are using the words of Jesus against life itself and saying, ‘This is my body and I have the right to destroy.’ So, I mean, that entire argument is completely disgusting and false.

And it’s sad that so many people are deceived even within the Republican Party. There are so many Republicans who are afraid to talk about the issue of abortion because they don’t want to lose an election, or they don’t want to get caught in a corner somewhere as a federal representative. My number one role is to defend and support the Constitution. And in that Constitution is enshrined the right to life. I have five opponents who are not pro-life at a federal level. I don’t know if they’re pro-life in a state level. I’ve heard so many excuses from every one of my opponents in the primary, which our election is next Tuesday on the 25th, and every one of them has given excuses for life. Even some who have paid for abortion. And so this is something that is extremely troubling for me. When we are silenced to the point where we cannot even defend the voiceless and empower women to give life rather than end it.