It’s spring meadow-marching weather, so Capt. Barefoot is out & about
listening to meadowlarks on fenceposts & chasing tiger swallowtails
Heshe’s got flowerbeds to tend so shehe’s out pulling weeds as well
tugging the elfin stalks of cheatgrass with their dopey nodding heads
& whitetop – snowy amanita outcrops in a landslide of green, edible
but invasive too. Having to sort through what will live in hisher landscape
& what needs to be gone

Sets herhim thinking. Perhaps “falsifying business records” done in defense
of liberty might pass ethical muster at some of our college campuses — Ah
Liberty! Fickle dame of freedom for all (except you & you & you). And
perhaps “falsifying business records” for personal gain may indeed be
“typical business practices” as underlined in red in loyalist lawyer Todd
Blanche’s bedside business bible

But as the Log Hill Village recluse Budada Jack Mueller would often intone
in circumstances like this: “I don’t think so!”

Damn right no, snarls Capt. B.  Mouthpieces blanched & flushed & beyond
make-up. Don’t need  to be no Catholic to count lying among life’s mortal
sins. Call it a catastrophic rupturing of trust

But then “falsifying business records” are crimes of white collar intent
not passion. Cold, calculating, ruthless. Planned out beforehand not wildly
chosen on the run. Measured in quid pro quos if not outright bribes

Bad intentions like invasive plants can corrupt an economic landscape
which is why we look to our laws, our government to protect us from
the excesses of mercenary capitalism. But, as empires break apart,
sneers Capt. B, it’s hard to trust anyone upholding undeniable truths
in a haves & have-nots system of winners take all

Juries may convict
weeds may get picked
but crime it seems still pays