Bill Jack, a Trump supporter and conservative running for Douglas County’s House District 45 in the primary election on June 25, 2024 against Castle Rock town councilman Max Brooks, discussed his position on abortion and LGBTQ rights during a recent radio appearance.

“I’m in this race to guard our citizens’ nest eggs, fight Democrats’ pro-abort policies that destroy our future progeny, and defend against democrats’ perverted sexual policies being foisted on little chicks,” said Jack during a June 3 appearance on the Kim Monson Show. “I’m in this because I want to see my grandchildren grow up in a free country. This is all about jurisdiction.”

Jack is the co-founder of Worldview Academy, a Christian youth-ministry organization that teaches students about discipleship through a week-long intensive program.

“I have no political aspirations other than to guard the liberty of Castle Rock citizens and the citizens of Colorado,” said Jack in a statement on his campaign website. “I am not a politician, but a father and citizen who has seen the demise of liberty in my lifetime and want to defend what remains, restore what has been lost, and build a legacy of freedom for my children, grandchildren and the citizens of Colorado.”

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While Jack claims not to have a political agenda, there are eight issues he is focusing on throughout his campaign trail. This includes: “stopping illegal immigration, life, election integrity, liberty, Second Amendment, taxes, transportation and education.” 

He believes that immigration is one of the biggest threats that the United States is facing today. Although our government is supposed to be a bipartisan democratic system, he clearly denounced this claiming that he “can no longer tolerate the far left Democrats” on his website.

On abortion, Jack compared the Dred Scott decision to Roe v. Wade. He claimed that the Dred Scott ruling was that a “Black man was not fully human,” a common claim made by anti-abortion activists who compare abortion to slavery or the holocaust. The decision prohibited people of color from holding citizenship in the U.S. He stated that both instances — the Dred Scott decision, as well as the right to have an abortion — are wrong.

“Our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are biblically-based documents that recognize the creator gives and sustains not just the breath of life but gives value and worth to every human from conception,” said Jack on his campaign website. 

While he states his support for the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, he also acknowledged that they cannot act as a God which does not clearly correlate with his message. 

He also noted that even if a child is conceived in a “tragic circumstance” that their life is still precious. This could potentially refer to circumstances of rape or incest.


“What sets me apart from my opponent, [Max Brooks,] is my firm foundation and my aggressive fearlessness,” said Jack. “Aggressive fearlessness and being a voice for those led to slaughter in legalized abortion mills. Somebody has to speak for the little babies.”

Jack also believes that many republicans have decided not to vote in elections because they believe their voices do not matter. He has claimed democrats are hiding something in regards to election integrity and believes that they are discouraging republicans from voting. 

Jack believes that constituents should have Constitutional liberties, however, in 2015 he filed a discrimination complaint against a baker in Denver after she declined to make him a cake that had a homophobic slur. This is the same year that the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage as a constitutional right for all. 

“I don’t care to have a discussion about the merits of a pride fest in Douglas County, at which I personally witnessed children being sexually groomed,” Jack told Monson. “Nor do I buy the lie by a sexually confused county commissioner [Abe Laydon] that pride fest or a taxpayer funded LGBTQ dance will somehow prevent suicide.”

Despite Colorado’s long history of mass shootings — including the 1999 tragic Columbine High School massacre — Jack supports the Second Amendment, which is the right to bear arms.

“The Second Amendment is vital for protecting every American’s security in his life and property,” said Jack on his campaign website. “It is as important today as ever in our nation’s history, and I will fight against any attempt to infringe upon that right.”

The general election happens on November 5, 2024.