America is in the midst of a small business renaissance, since 2015 small business applications have steadily risen, reaching a full blown explosion in 2020. Shockingly enough, eight out of 10 small businesses have no employees and are formed and managed by “solopreneurs”. As a fellow solopreneur, I understand what motivates people to form their own firm. I started Creative PlanHer in 2018, I took a major risk, but like millions of Americans I knew this was right for me. I leverage every resource at my disposal, many of which are digital resources, to support other entrepreneurs by taking on the administrative burden so they can focus on their business.

As a business owner that supports other business owners, we depend on the open internet to advertise across an array of channels, including social media, email, and more. That’s why news this week of the bipartisan, bicameral “American Data Privacy Rights Act (ADPR)” caught my attention.

The open internet depends on digital advertising, and the ADPR takes steps to support small businesses. We still have a way to go, but legislation like this tells me that Congress is listening to small businesses like me. I urge our elected officials here in Colorado to continue to engage with the business community. Listen to us and help us build a better, safer, internet that’s inclusive for all.

Alycia Campbell, founder of Creative PlanHer, a boutique virtual assistant agency committed to taking the administrative burden off small business owners so they can focus on scaling their businesses.