After Andrew Wommack Ministries International (AWMI) received inquiries last week from the Colorado Times Recorder, a video featuring AWMI president Andrew Wommack and AWMI Senior Vice President Andrew Wertz was removed from the ministry’s YouTube page.

The Colorado Times Recorder on Tuesday published the video in its entirety on its YouTube page to allow readers to view it themselves and evaluate the facts surrounding the Wertz’s leadership of a “Bible study” group that evolved into a cult in the 1990s.

The full story of what has become known as the “Narrowgate Cult” appeared on the Colorado Times Recorder news site yesterday.

In the video, Wertz identifies Wommack’s teachings as the basis for his religious teachings but he ignores the tragic story of what happened later as Wertz tightened his control over the group. Wertz’s wife, Jeremy, who was a member of Narrowgate, can also be seen briefly in the video.

For Narrowgate survivors, the posting of the video in 2020 was the first time they learned that Wertz had become a leader of AWMI — and his characterization of the group in the video was upsetting to survivors and marked a critical juncture in the ultimate exposure of the cult.

For these reasons and more, the Colorado Times Recorder made the decision to publish the video today.